Weekly Design + Content + Research Sync Meeting


This is a cross-team (VFS, Platform and OCTO-DE) weekly design meeting for design + content + research + IA + 508 + design system + style guides for VA.gov. We use this time to talk through research synthesis, design critiques, connect dots across teams, discuss any gnarly design problems, share design & content updates with each other, and cover any other issues. Anyone is welcome, but designers, researchers, content, and IA folks are strongly encouraged to attend!


Monday’s at 1:00 PM EST


Join the meeting

Meeting ID: 815 1328 8202
Passcode: 748435

Need to add someone to the invite?

Reach out to Naomi Marcussen in Slack to have her add folks to the meeting.

Want to add someone to the agenda?

This agenda calendar is where representatives from the practice areas (research, design, accessibility, content, and Platform related things) can add people to the agenda.

Have a topic you’d like to see covered?

If you have an idea that would be suited for this audience, drop it on the topic ideas page. We encourage Platform folks to use this time with Designers, Researchers, Content, and Accessibility folks to make announcements or gather feedback on topics. It’s a great way to inform or remind folks of a new process or changes to an existing one.